About us

We would be very happy for you to contact us on:  irstokes@metanaction.com  or  irstokes@googlemail.com  

Or if you prefer: +33 (0) 6 40 15 23 35         ( Temporarily out of action:  +33 (0) 6 81 76 55 39 )


Our vocation is to put methods into action and to turn ideas into successful projects.


Our business is to enable individuals, teams and organisations to become more effective at everything that involves projects, innovation and change.


To pursue these goals, with your help:

- we prepare and deliver exciting training programs, 

- we facilitate the development of business models and processes, and

- we develop the potential of experience and ideas.


Our basic principle is that we build on the integrity, responsibility, intelligence and potential of individuals and we believe in the capacity of business to deliver quality of work and quality of life.


Our team comprises independent and ingenious individuals, who are skilled team workers and project leaders.  This rare combination derives from their motivation to develop their understanding and their participation in communities of best practice in the areas of projects, agility, innovation and change management.


Projects are important, difficult and too often under-invested.  That's why even small changes can make a big difference.  There's more return on investment from projects that from any other activity.


The lag between learning and performing can be counted in years.  Our aim is to turn years into days by creating memorable learning experiences and worthwhile working partnerships.

Metanaction.com : Ian Stokes, Project Leader and Advisor

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