The art of innovation with a creative dialogue

The art is to create a dialogue between market and technology with an evolved attitude of co-responsibility and partnership.  This is where to find the opportunities to make significant gains in performance.


What are some elements of a creative and constructive dialogue Y or not X ?   '(see below)


Y  What it is    


 What it isn’t  


Y  "This is the purpose and the benefit of what we are trying to achieve"


X  "I pay; you just get the job done"            


Y  "These are the outcomes we seek; help us to define the most suitable options"


X  "These are my needs; just deliver"              


Y  "We evaluate the options together and educate each other"


X  "I tell you what to do; you execute"    


Y  "We both think about the price" 


X  "The value is my secret, the cost is your secret"        


Y  "We are as transparent as we can be about value and cost"


X   "I told you once; don’t ask again"        


Y  "Understanding is a constant dialogue"


X   "I know the answer before we start"


Y   "There’s usually more that we don’t know than what we do know"


X    "Do it right first time"


Y   "Do the right thing and on time"


X   "We work with best suppliers; they should do what they are told"


Y   "We work with best suppliers; and we endeavour to be a best customer"


X   "We have defined our requirments perfectly clearly"


Y   "There is no such thing as a perfectly defined requirment; unless we check understanding together"


X   "We only progress when everything is ready"


Y   "We go forward knowing the risks; and clarifying who is responsible for the risks"

rss : Ian Stokes, Project Leader and Advisor

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