Enterprise Project Methodology

Organizations invest considerable sums to set up automated approaches to project management and considerable sums to install an enterprise-wide methodology, framework, and shared approach to project management. But, none of this will work unless staff members understand the methodology and above all want to use it.  What’s often overlooked is that it is as important for the methodology to be appealing as it is to be understood, and the training course is an essential element to ensure that people know why and care why, as well as know what and know how.  The effective management of change, growth and innovation is so important, that a training programme for an organizational methodology needs to be skilfully laid out and delightfully convincing. Each phase, activity, milestone, deliverable, role description must be integrated into the whole and related to the overall business purpose. And furthermore, people desire to know what is comprehensive enough to be effective, but concise enough to be interesting.

Training Courses

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