Agile Project Management Training

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Agile project management methods are designed for projects that have tight deadlines, firm budgets, and important results to achieve.  An agile project involves a high degree of participation from users in order to provide a better understanding of business requirments by using modelling and prototyping methods.



This course is mostly based upon AgilePM, Scrum, DSDM and Lean methods in order to offer a balanced training course, in terms of the techniques, the processes, the principles and the value added.


Scrum is an iterative team-based approach to developing product.  AgilePM offers a governance framework and all of the necessary rigour and flexibility that large organisations requir for complex and challenging projects. Lean is an approach that focuses on maximum value as early as possible for minimum effort until enough is known about the results to justify further investment.


These approaches can be used independently, or in combination with each other and with other good practices such as PRINCE2, MSP, PMI, ITIL and CMMI.  They are proven, practical and adapted to projects throughout the world that requir structure and organisation. Conferences, user communities and certification programmes are associated with these methods and contribute to their evolution.



This training course is suitable for people who use agile methods already as well as those who wish to acquire the keys to agile understanding agile methods that are based on a business case and keen developer and user cooperation.



  • Obtain a deep and broad enough overview of DSDM and AgilePM practices for AgilePM certification
  • Achieve the ability to promote and successfully apply Agile Project Management within an organisation  
  • Assimilate and understand a set of practices that makes sense on agile projects and enables success on projects with evolving requirments and a solid business justification



With a dynamic and inclusive style, Ian Stokes is involved in the facilitation and evolution of project management processes, in innovation and product development, change management and the development in organisations of approaches centred on customers and cross-functional and inter-cultural teamwork.



Built around case studies, active learning, and where appropriate participants own situations and experience, this course develops understanding and learning by doing.


Benefits of the course

Appreciation of the benefits and application of agile methods

Understanding of agile roles, products, principles and practices

Experience in the way agile methods work on a typical project

Integration of agile methods that give added value in different situations

Ability to build a comprehensive and manageable business case

Practice in using agile approaches on an important and urgent project

More confidence in business analysis and business modelling

Development of estimating, planning and risk management skills

Assimilation of concepts essential to change management : Ian Stokes, Project Leader and Advisor

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