Integrate best Agile Practices into the Organisation

agility integration

Agile project management practices have an immense potential to offer business benefits. For this to occur, organisations must integrate agile project management into existing organisational processes and achieve a suitable blend with traditional project management practices. 

Good practices in project management includ:
  • Close customer contact (consumer contact, good patient experience, user testing, life-cycle management, experience-based design)
  • Multi-disciplinary teamwork and cooperation
  • Continuous integration and synchronisation
  • Iterative development and frequent releases
  • Timebox, sprint and design to cost constraints
  • Configuration, agile data and version management
  • Prototyping, simulation and user-based modelling
  • Prioritised requirments and product progress charts
  • Construcitve and creative team-based decision making
Good practice in agile project management provide business focus and a shared understanding of the project purpose, as well as building a high degree of collaboration and cooperation amongst developers and between developers and users.
For a management process to be effective it must be both attractive and operational (user-friendly, usable, useful and used.)  Approaches (such as agile methods) that are cooperative, product focused and business driven can be effective because they appeal to business managers, directors, users and customers, as well as to technical and scientific staff, and project managers.
Download the document:  Agile project management in practice ( error, missing document) : Ian Stokes, Project Leader and Advisor

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